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Bro. A Archibald VC

Born 1887, Leith, Edinbrugh

Died 12th March 1957, Edinburgh


Proposer; Bro W Black
Seconder; Bro J B Donnelly
Initiated 2nd March 1912


Passed 4th May 1912

Raised  18th May 1912


Brother Adam served in France with the 7th Durham Light Infantry then as a sapper with the 218th Field Company Royal Engineers. He was honoured for his bravery, on 4th November 1918 near Ors, Le Cateau, when with a party building a floating bridge across a canal. An official account stated; 
"He was foremost in the work under a very heavy artillery barrage and machine gun fire. The latter was directed at him from a few yards distance while he was working on the cork floats. Though the fire was such that it seemed impossible that anyone could live under it he persevered in his task, and his example and efforts were such that the bridge, which was essential to the success of the operations, was completed very quickly. Just as the work was finished he collapsed from the effects of gas poisoning. The heroism of this sapper was beyond all praise. That anyone should have lived through such a close and accurate fire is little short of miraculous."
Notes from meetings held in the Masonic Temple, Elgin & Bruce Lodge No 1077, Limekilns 
8th January 1919
P.M. Brother Colonel The Earl of Elgin read a newspaper cutting intimating a member of this Lodge had gained the highest military honour, namely the Victoria Cross by Brother Adam Archibald of Leith. He also moved that the Bro Secretary send a telegram to him congratulating him on the the honour he had gained and also to wish him a speedy recovery.
19th February 1919
Brother Black moved and Brother Robert Stark seconded that the following motion be put on next month's circular: that the Lodge present Bro Sapper Adam Archibald VC with his Masonic regalia as a mark of appreciation from the Lodge.
12th March 1919
Brother W Black D.M. moved that we present Bro Adam Archibald VC with his Masonic regalia as an appreciation from the Lodge on the 10th May at the regular meeting. Brother Bauld seconded the proposition in the absence of Bro R Stark.
19th April 1919
A letter was read from Bro Adam Archibald VC intimating that his health was not sufficiently well enough to allow him to be present on the 10th May.
27th December 1919
Lord Elgin P.G.M. and P.M. presented Bro Adam Archibald VC with his regalia and case as a mark of esteem and respect from the Brethren of Elgin and Bruce Lodge No. 1077 Bro Archibald suitably replied and thanked the Brethren for the kindness bestowed on him and hoped to be more frequent at the meetings, to wear the handsome gift he had received.
Bro Archibald received his Victoria Cross from King George V at Buckingham Palace in May 1919. His Victoria Cross is displayed at the Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham, Kent.



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